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Rémi Massé

A native of Rivière-du-Loup, Rémi Massé is the Executive Director of Cégep de Matane. He previously spent 16 years as a manager and executive in various federal government departments in Ottawa and Matane. Rémi has built strong business relationships with representatives at the provincial, federal and international levels. These relationships, combined with his experience, knowledge, and skills have resulted in numerous regional improvement initiatives and a strong belief in this region’s potential. His hard work has attracted investments, created good jobs, built more affordable housing, and helped establish the largest document imaging centre in eastern Canada. Now, Rémi is determined to work with the same passion on Parliament Hill, to achieve the goals of Avignon–La Mitis–Matane–Matapédia.

Rémi is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Digital Imagery Research and Development Centre, serves on the board of the Wind Energy TechnoCentre, and helped develop the fundraising campaign for the Fondation du Cégep de Matane. Rémi earned his Bachelor of Arts in French Studies and his Graduate degree in Linguistics from Université de Sherbrooke. He and his wife Helen are the proud parents of four young sons.

Twitter @Remi_Masse1

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